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Asphalt is a more flexible material by nature.  It expands & contracts more easily with our extreme changing of seasons in Western Ny.  Sealant protects your driveway from UV rays weakening the upper portion of the pavement and especially protects penetration of water into pores and cracks of the driveway.  Which in our harsh winters will cause cracking and other damage.  We take pride & integrity in using the best products the industry has to offer. All while treating your property as if it was ours and mantaining cleanliness!

Crack Filling

Crack Filling is an essential application in addition to sealcoating for long-term asphalt protection. We clean all cracks thoroughly with steel brooms and our power blowers. Then we fill the cracks with our premium quality crack filling products. This helps to prevent water from penetrating the surface and causing more damage. Protecting your asphalt and investment!


Repairing potholes and damaged areas can prevent more damage from occurring to your asphalt. We cut out and remove damaged asphalt. Then we match the holes specifications and fill it correctly to leave a long lasting patch. This will protect your investment by prolonging your asphalt's life!


Not only does professional line striping enhances the look of your parking lot. Line striping maximizes the use of the overall lot while keeping employees and clients safer with structured marks and lines.

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